Creating for me is like dreaming in color, looking at the outer world in multiple perspectives, shapes of lines, patterns and textures which fill a space and tell a story. I’m taken into a magical universe where all the troubles of the world disappear and I am present and at peace.

Whether I am working with a specific medium or on my computer creating digital art, it is an incredible feeling to just freely create. For me this is pure joy! It is what I live for and what I was born to do! 

It Started with a Shoe...

In a college sculpture class I was given an assignment to recreate an old leather shoe from clay. All the other students got to pick their own subject, but I was handed an old, dirty, leather shoe. As the clay was transforming into what I thought to be a perfect replica, I noticed my professor hovering over me. Suddenly, he took his hand and completely smashed my clay shoe sculpture ruining it. Of course being young I reacted with…

“What the h… did you do that for?” Yes I said it! I was furious!
His response lives with me to this day, as he said …
“Because you are not feeling the Art! You must turn it, caress it, and view it from every angle. Now try again.”

It was the best piece of sculpture I ever made. This old leather shoe is now a symbol to me of what it means to be an artist. It is a reminder of my professor’s valuable lesson, a very simple lesson. Anyone can create art, but in order to create really great art, you must put your whole being into it and feel it. You must block out the noise around you and create from a place of intentional authenticity, free from the confines of this world.

I am an Artist!  I have a BA in English and an MS in Instructional Design and Technology. I love to learn and explore new creative ways of designing and creating. 



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