Ikigai Series

The inspiration behind this series comes from the Japanese word Ikigai meaning “The thing that gets you up in the morning, a reason for being.” This series captures the richness of nature, from flower filled gardens to “Night Irises.” Each painting began as an acrylic pour using a combination of acrylic paint, flotral and silicone. Once the fluid form began to take shape, techniques such as using a straw to blow out the shapes of the flowers and petals, a heat gun, as well as a blow torch were used to increase the cellular structure of the paints in order to add texture and depth. Painted on canvas and finished with either resin, medium glaze, or varnish. This series is also part of the first handmade jewelry for the 2020 – “The Ikigai Jewelry Collection”. 

‘Night Irises”
Dancing Garden
Waterfall of Flowers
Dancing Petals

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